Legal news article for Ohio construction accident attorneys. A gas leak at a gas well left four workers injured and killed another.

Ohio construction accident lawyer alert- Five workers were injured when they were exposed to hydrogen sulfide gas.

Cambridge, OH—A gas leak at a gas well left four workers injured, and another dead after they were exposed to a poisonous hydrogen sulfide gas mixture. The fatal work place incident happened on Thursday, September 10, 2009, around 9:15 near Londonderry at the intersection of Skull Fork Road and Ginger Road, as reported by WTOV9.

Five men, employed by Chipco Oil and Gas Well Services, were working on a gas rig ,where they were preparing to cap the well when they were exposed to the poisonous hydrogen-sulfide gas mixture, commonly referred to as “poison gas” or “sour gas.” Three workers were transported by emergency medical services (EMS) crews to Cambridge hospital for treatment of their injuries. Another worker was airlifted by helicopter to another hospital in Ohio. It is unknown if the fifth worker died at the scene of the gas leak or was also transported to a hospital by EMS crews. The workers were reportedly carrying meters to check for the poisonous gas.

According to Wikipedia hydrogen sulfide is a colorless, toxic and flammable gas, which is partially responsible for the foul odor of rotten eggs and flatulence. Although the chemical is extremely pungent at first, it rapidly deadens the sense of smell; so potential victims may be unaware of the presence of the gas until it is too late.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news article for construction accident lawyers in Ohio.