Texas automobile accident attorneys – Two-vehicle wreck kills 1 injures 5!

Legal news for Texas automobile accident attorneys. Two-vehicle fatal wreck caused during U-turn.

Texas automobile accident lawyers alert- A two-vehicle crash involving a Honda Accord occurred during a U-turn.

Nacogdoches, TX—A two-vehicle wreck left one woman dead and injured five others, including a toddler and a baby on Highway 21. The fatal crash happened on Wednesday, September 2, 2009 around 5:45 p.m. just west of Nacogdoches, as reported by KTRE.

According to police reports, a Honda Accord was on the shoulder on Highway 21 and was attempting to make a U-turn when the fatal crash occurred. Another driver who following the Honda, hit the Honda while the driver was trying to make the U-Turn on Highway 21. The driver of the Honda, Erica Josie Morales, 23, of Nacogdoches, and her passengers, Eric Nieto, 27, Alex Nieto, 2, Rita Nieto, 11 months, and Cynthia Saltero, 29, were all transported by area emergency medical services (EMS) crews to Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital. Morales was pronounced dead by attending medical professionals at 9:08 p.m., at the Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital. The three Nieto’s are all currently listed in critical condition. Saletero is reportedly listed in stable condition. The driver of the other vehicle, Tammy Bivens, was also transported to Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital for treatment. Bivens is currently listed in stable condition. Police officials are conducting a full investigation into the two-vehicle fatal wreck. It is unknown if anyone was issued a traffic citation in connection with the crash.

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