New York personal injury attorney Jonathan C. Reiter reports – NYC taxicab driver smashes Upper West Side subway station!

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A New York City taxicab driver lost control of his vehicle on Tuesday afternoon and struck a subway station at 72nd Street and Broadway. The taxicab crash happened around 4 p.m Tuesday when the driver reportedly lost control of his taxi while attempting to avoid striking another motor vehicle. Witnesses reported the driver seemed to be speeding at the time of the accident. The driver of the cab, his passenger, and a pedestrian were injured when the taxi jumped the curb and slammed into the New York subway station. All three people including the driver were transported by New York Fire Department (FDNY) emergency medical services (EMS) personnel to a Manhattan area hospital for treatment of their injuries as reported by Fox News. Automobile accident detectives with the New York City Police Department continue to investigate the Upper West Side car crash and no tickets have been issued.

New Yorkers need to be mindful not to confuse the convenience of a cab ride with safety. When hailing a cab, passengers should ride in the taxi the same way they ride in any other automobile. Taxicab drivers are human and accidents with injuries are not uncommon with over 13,000 licensed hacks in New York City. Following simple safety tips may help you avoid injuries:

Buckle up; seat belts are there for your safety

  • Passengers should sit back in their seats to avoid hitting the partition
  • Know cab drivers typically speed to accommodate your needs plus increase the number of fares they can earn in a shift
  • Hold on while riding in a cab to brace for unexpected potholes, braking, turning, and impacts from other drivers that can lead to passenger injury

Injuries involving taxicabs in New York City are not that uncommon. Staying alert and following simple safety tips like wearing a seat belt while riding in a cab can help you in the event of an accident. If you find yourself involved in a taxicab accident, make sure you document the driver’s name, driver’s license number, ID number, and taxicab number before you leave the scene. Seek medical attention immediately and consider contacting a New York personal injury lawyer experienced in New York taxicab injury claims to help you recover.

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