North Carolina employment law news – Former Duke lacrosse coach wins court ruling

Former Duke lacrosse coach wins North Carolina state court of appeals ruling. Mike Pressler allowed to proceed with lawsuit against Duke University.

North Carolina employment law attorney alert-disgraced coach may proceed with slander lawsuit against Duke University from the Duke lacrosse team scandal.

Raleigh, NC–Mike Pressler, the former lacrosse coach for Duke University’s men’s lacrosse team who was forced to resign in 2006 after a woman falsely accused three team members of sexual assault, won a recent appellate court ruling. The North Carolina state court of appeals ruled the disgraced former lacrosse coach could take his slander lawsuit to court, as reported by News14Carolina.

Pressler claims a Duke University official spoke ill of him to the media in 2007 and mad slanderous statements about the lacrosse coach in connection with false rape charges that made international headlines. The Duke lacrosse team scandal took the national collegiate system and the American public by storm when a dancer, who performed at a lacrosse team party, accused three players of sexually assaulting her. Attorneys representing Duke University cited contract law in defense of Pressler’s request to proceed with a lawsuit. The lawyers for the college claimed Pressler’s employment contract required job disputes must be taken to arbitration.

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