Georgia personal injury attorneys news: Atlanta school bus hijacked by naked man!

Legal news for Georgia personal injury attorneys. Naked man hijacks school bus and assaults students.

Georgia personal injury attorneys alert- Several students transported to Grady Hospital after a naked man hijacked a school bus.

Atlanta, GA—Several Forrest Hill Academy students were rushed to the hospital after the school bus they were being transported in was hijacked by a naked man. The incident occurred Thursday afternoon, August 27, 2009 at 4:00 p.m., as reported by 11 Alive, an NBC affiliate.

According to Atlanta police officials, ten students were aboard a bus traveling north on Boulevard Drive when the bus reportedly stopped to let some students off. While the bus was stopped, a naked man who was only wearing a condom ran to the driver side of the bus and attempted to climb through one of the bus’ windows. The naked man identified as, Arris Pitmon, 23, entered through the bus window and took control of the school bus, after an altercation with the bus driver at the window. The bus driver fled to the back of the bus with other terrified students, while Pitmon drove the school bus. Soon after, Pitmon left the drivers seat while the bus was still in motion, and went after the school bus driver. A student reportedly attempted to take control of the bus from the suspect, but Pitmon began to fight with the student. The unmanned bus continued in motion and left the road, then slammed into a wall. Pitmon reportedly also threw punches at some of the frightened students during an altercation. While the unmanned bus was still in motion, Pitmon threw students out of the back of the bus, including Sanquan Thompson, 16, who suffered a back injury. Several other students apparently also jumped off the bus while it was still rolling down the road. Another student identified as Donte Rogers, 16, reportedly suffered broken ribs during an altercation with Pitmon. When the bus finally came to a stop, witnesses were able to wrestle Pitmon to the ground until police authorities could arrive at the scene. Three students were transported by emergency medical services (EMS) professionals to Grady Hospital for treatment of their injuries. Several others were transported by EMS crews to Atlanta Medical Center for treatment

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