University of Iowa sued for employment discrimination!

Legal news for Iowa employment attorney’s. Michigan man sues Iowa University over teaching position at the law school.

Iowa employment lawyer’s alert- Iowa University sued by man who applied for a teaching position and claims he is a victim of age discrimination.

Iowa City, IA— The University of Iowa and the university’s College of Law are being sued by a Michigan resident who claims he was a victim of age discrimination. The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday, August 19, 2009 in the U.S. District Court in Davenport, as reported the Chicago Tribune.

The plaintiff, Donald Dobkin, 56, of West Bloomfield, Michigan, claims he was denied a teaching position at the university due to his age. According to court documents, Dobkin applied for a position as a law professor at the university in 2008. The requirements of the position were experience in administrative, immigration, internal and criminal law. Dobson is a veteran attorney with a law degree from Northwestern University, author of several journal articles, and has more has 25 years of experience leading the largest independent immigration law firm in Michigan. Dobkin was notified in 2009 he did not receive the job although his “impressive academic and professional record.” The discrimination lawsuit claims University of Iowa’s College of Law, in the last 10 years has not hired a faculty member over the age of 40. The faculty position Dobkin applied for allegedly went to a person under the age of 40, according to the lawsuit. Dobkin’s goal is to receive a position at the law school and compensation for lost wages.

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