Cubs sued!

Illinois wrongful death lawyers filed a lawsuit against the Chicago Cubs baseball franchise. The wrongful death attorneys represent the family of a man killed when a Cubs owned car wash collapsed next to Wrigley Field in 2007.

Illinois wrongful death lawyers sue Chicago Cubs baseball franchise claiming victims died after car wash next to Wrigley Field collapsed.

Chicago, IL–The family of deceased 21 year-old Alec Drews filed a wrongful death claim against the Chicago Cubs on Friday, August 21, 2009. The plaintiff’s attorneys for the family of the victim claim a car wash next to Wrigley Field, owned by the baseball franchise, collapsed on the young man on August 23, 2007, critically injuring him.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Drews was living in a Seminary Avenue apartment with his brother near the ball park in 2007. While the young man was walking on that tragic day, a violent storm with winds up to 74 mph overcame the victim and he sought shelter at the southeast corner of Clark and Waveland in the vacant car wash next to Wrigley Field. The walls of the car wash collapsed on Drew fracturing his neck and skull causing a traumatic brain injury. Drew died from his traumatic injuries eight days after the car wash collapse.

Illinois wrongful death attorneys alert by legal news reporter Heather L. Ryan.

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