St. Mary’s West Palm Beach medical center sued for medication mix up!

Legal news for Florida medical malpractice attorneys. St. Mary’s causes early delivery due to medication mix up.

Florida medical malpractice attorney’s alert- West Palm Beach medical center sued by pregnant woman for mixing up medication and leaving her baby brain damaged.

West Palm Beach, FL—A West Palm Beach family filed a lawsuit against St. Mary’s Medical Center, which alleges the hospital administered the wrong medication to a pregnant woman. The medical mistake left a now 11-moth-old girl severely brain damaged, as reported by the Miami Herald.

The plaintiffs, Tesome Sampson and Frank Guy, are suing St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach; and the hospitals owner, Tenet Healthcare in Dallas, Texas; numerous nurses, doctors, and pharmacists. Sampson reportedly was admitted to St. Mary’s on August 25, 2008, when she was just 24 weeks pregnant. Sampson was admitted to the hospital for bed rest because doctors were concerned that she may deliver early. While in the hospital, she was given Prostin E2, which is used for termination of pregnancies, expelling urine contents after the fetus has died, and is sometimes used to speed up labor. Sampson began to experience severe cramps after a few hours of ingesting the drug, and was told by medical professionals she needs to have a bowel movement. Sampson was brought a portable toilet, and gave birth to her daughter inside it. Tranita Guy, was born two months early with severe brain damage due to the medical mistake. The parents of Tranita have reportedly spent over $3.5. million in medical bills since her birth, and are allegedly suing the hospital for hundreds of millions more to compensate for her care, for the rest of her life.

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