Kentucky personal injury law news – 13 kids injured in school bus crash!

Legal news for Kentucky attorney’s specializing in personal injury claims. School bus rear-ended at railroad crossing sent 13 students to the hospital.

Kentucky personal injury attorney alert- A school bus crash involving a pickup truck injures 13 children.

Harlan, KY—An early Thursday morning commute to school for some students turned out to be quite the wake up call. The school bus transporting the children was rear-ended at a railroad crossing on Thursday, August 20, 2009, at 6:30 a.m., as reported by WKYT.

The school bus accident occurred on Highway 421, when a pickup truck towing a trailer slammed into the back of the bus stopped at a railroad crossing. The bus was carrying 35 children to James A. Cawood elementary school, when the truck reportedly wasn’t able to stop in time before rear-ending the school bus. Police officials said there were no life-threatening injuries, and the wreck did not cause substantial damage to the bus. Police reports indicated 13 students were transported by emergency medical services (EMS) crews to Harlan ARH hospital for treatment of injuries, which included sprains, bumps, and bruises. The 13 children were reportedly treated and released. The school bus involved in the crash was in good enough condition to transport the uninjured students to school. Officials believe the wet roads could have contributed to the crash. The rear-ended school bus is currently at the county garage undergoing several routine tests before it can safely transport students to school again.

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