Another U.S. military training mission ends in deaths!

Another U.S. military training mission ends in deaths!


Another military training mission on U.S. Soil ended in four deaths after an Army Black Hawk helicopter crashed on Colorado’s second highest mountain. A Wednesday Mount Massive military training helicopter crash killed all four Fort Campbell, Kentucky soldiers including one who died en route to the hospital.

Colorado aviation accident attorneys news-Peterson Air Force Base Black Hawk helicopter crashes during a training exercise killing four soldiers.

Denver, CO–Four U.S. Army soldiers from Fort Campbell, Kentucky died after a high-altitude mountainous conditions training exercise ended with the Black Hawk crashing into Mount Massive, Colorado’s second highest mountain at 14,421 feet. The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) Black Hawk was assigned to Fort Campbell where the training soldiers are known as “night stalkers” because they carry out nighttime combat missions in war areas like Iraq and Afghanistan.

As reported by Fox21, KXRM news, The helicpoter flight training began in Colorado Springs ant Peterson Air Force Base, about 90 miles east of the Colorado mountain. The MH-60 Black Hawk, a military helicopter, crash is under investigation and military officials state the black box has been recovered. The names of the four dead service men who were killed in the helicopter crash have not been released.

Military aviation accidents on United States soil during training exercises have taken Americans by surprise over the past 10 months. As troops continue to die in war ridden Iraq and Afghanistan in helicopter crashes our nation’s service personnel seem to be dying on U.S. soil as well. Military training exercises involving aviation tragedies have taken the lives of innocent Americans too.

On December 8, 2009, the pilot of a U.S. Marine Corp. F/A-18D military fighter jet crashed into a San Diego home killing a grandmother, mother, and her two children when the home erupted in a fire ball. Two Edwards Air Force Base pilots have died in separate crashes since March of this year. On March 25, 2009, a Sir Force F-22A Raptor pilot died when he crashed 35 miles north of the base. On May 21, 2009, United States Air Force Captain Mark P. Graziano, a 30 year-old airman died when his T-38A Talon military jet crashed in the Mojave Desert.
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