Tornado rips through Cape Coral leaving 23 homes damaged and piles of debris on the Florida key.

Florida insurance litigation lawyers-Cape Coral Police Department confirm tornado rips through Cape Coral causing serious property damages.

Fort Myers, FL–Cape Coral Police Department officers continue to assist homeowners and residents in the Fort Myers area community after a tornado ripped through northwest Cape Coral Sunday afternoon. As reported by, a tornado struck northwest Cape Coral at Northwest 18th Terrace and Northwest 3rd Avenue on Sunday afternoon leaving piles of debris and over and estimated millions of dollars worth of damages.

So far a confirmed 23 homes suffered serious damages and 11 have over $100,000 in damages. There have been no reported injuries but the tornado left piles of debris in its wake including glass, trash cans, shingles, pool screens, and foliage which could take weeks to clean up. One resident reported his 2001 Honda Civic was flipped over and left resting vertically on the side of his home when the tornado barreled through his neighborhood.

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