American Airlines New York to Miami flight runs out of fuel!

An American Airlines flight from New York to Miami runs out of fuel and forced to land at Palm Beach International. American Airlines JFK to Miami International Airport emergency landing at Palm Beach International.

Florida aviation accident lawyer news-American Airlines flight low on fuel forces the Boeing 767 to make emergency landing at Palm Beach International Airport.

West Palm Beach, FL–The Palm Beach International Airport reported an American Airlines passenger jet was forced to land at the West Palm Beach airport because of low fuel on Saturday, August 15, 2009. As reported by FOX29 WFLX affiliate in South Florida, an American Airlines Boeing 767 was en route, to Miami from JFK in New York, when it had to land short of its destination because of critically low fuel. There is minimal information about the gas less commercial passenger airplane.

Apparently the 767, a mid-sized wide-body twin jet airliner which can carry between 181 and 375 passengers, landed at Palm Beach International just before 2 p.m., on Saturday. According to Wikipedia, the Boeing 767 has a 5,200 to 6,590 nautical mile range. Various estimates dictate the nautical miles from JFK in New York to Miami International Airport is 948. The American Airlines passenger jet sat for four hours on the runway. It is unknown whether or not the four runway sitting was before take-off from JFK or on the ground at PBIA before proceeding to Miami International Airport. The running out of gas seems rather perplexing. Reports also indicated the plane ran into nasty storms en route to Miami. No reports of passenger injuries at this time.

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