Santa Cruz wildfire burns over 2,300 acres!

California wildfire strikes the hills of the Santa Cruz Mountains between Empire Grade Road and Swanton Road late Wednesday and has burned over 2,300 acres. Davenport area residents in 250 homes and structures plus 25 commercial buildings ordered to evacuate.

California insurance litigation lawyers-California wildfire in Santa Cruz Mountains threatens several towns causing 2,000 to be evacuated.

San Jose, CA–California fire officials confirmed a raging fire in the hills of the Santa Cruz Mountains burned over 2,300 acres by mid-day Thursday after igniting late Wednesday, as reported by the MercuryNews. This is considered the largest South Bay wildfire this season and threatens hundreds of homes in Santa Cruz County in the Bonny Doon and Davenport area.

The entire community of Bonny Doon estimated population of about 2,000 which is eight miles north of Santa Cruz and the entire adjacent community of Swanton was ordered to evacuate. Swanton is a town with about 400 residents. The fire is zero percent contained as of Thursday afternoon.

Lockheed Martin Space Systems campus has been set up as a command center by California Fire Crews. Dozens of fire trucks and construction equipment are present to combat the fire which fire crews claim continues to spread rapidly because of the dry conditions and wind speed. Pacific Elementary School in Davenport was opened as an evacuation area and Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz is slotted to open late Thursday.

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