San Francisco Bay Bridge accident injures 3 workers!

California mobile construction machine crashed into temporary steel work on the Bay Bridge injuring three construction workers.

California injury lawyer news alert-San Francisco Bay Bridge construction accident injures three workers.

San Francisco, CA–Three Bay Bridge construction workers were injured on Wednesday around 3:30 p.m., when temporary steelwork collapsed throwing the laborers to the ground. As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, three workers on the C.C. Myers, Inc., construction project fell when a mobile construction machine hit the temporary steelwork.

C.C. Myers, the contractor for the Bay Bridge project, was forced to halt construction work for a day after the accident. Workers have returned to the site and the construction project remains underway during the remainder of the investigation. All three workers were transported to San Francisco General Hospital where they received treatment for their injuries.

California construction accident injury lawyer information by legal news reporter, Heather L. Ryan.

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