Sonoma farm family member killed in grain accident!

Legal news for California personal injury attorneys. Teenager dies after he became trapped underneath grain.

California personal injury attorney’s alert- A Sonoma farm family member killed in a open trailer filled with grain at the Petaluma mill.

San Francisco Bay, CA—A tragic grain unloading accident left a teenager dead on Tuesday, August 11, 2009. The accident happened at a Petaluma mill at 4:00 p.m., as reported by the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

A 13-year-old boy, David Yenni, climbed into an open trailer filled with wheat while his father attempted to empty the trailer through an opening located at the bottom of the trailer. The suction of the grain funneling out of the trailer trapped the boy, dragging him underneath the moving grain. The boy’s father, Norm Yenni, heard his son desperately yell for help and rushed over to help him. Several plant workers and his father frantically tried to dig him out from underneath the grain. Witnesses stated all you could see was the boy’s arm sticking out from underneath the grain. David was pulled from grain after 10 minutes of digging by the workers and his father, and was found not breathing. David was rushed by emergency medical service (EMS) crews to a Petaluma Valley Hospital for treatment. Doctors and nurses treating David pronounced him dead after an hour of arriving at the hospital. David was apparently a family member of the Sonoma-area hay farming family. The teenager’s parents own the Sears Point Farming Company.

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