Raging bull slams into car on SW Loop 820!

Legal news for Texas personal injury attorneys. A bull charges up and down Loop 820 and gets hit by a car.

Texas personal injury attorneys alert-A raging bull on SW Loop 820 causes car crash.

Forth Worth, TX–A loose bull used the SW Loop 820 as its own personal playground in Southwest Fort Worth. The bull’s playtime ended when a car struck and killed the bull, and left the driver of the car injured, as reported by the Star-Telegram.

The brown-and-white bull initially got loose on Saturday, August 8, 2009, and was successfully returned back to its owner. The next day, Sunday, the bull get loose again and was spotted charging up and down Loop 820. Witnesses stated the bull was seen charging from Hemphill Street to McCart Avenue, which is about a mile apart, then back to Hemphill. Shortly after midnight on Monday, a vehicle traveling on the freeway struck the loose bull near the intersection of Hemphill Street. According to Forth Worth police, the unidentified man was rushed to a local hospital by emergency medical service (EMS) crews for treatment of his unknown injuries. The car was reportedly severely damaged in the collision. The raging bull survived for a short time after the crash, but later died at the scene of the wreck. The owner of the animal was located again, and a wrecking crew had to load the deceased bull on the owner’s truck. Forth Worth police did not cite the owner of the bull.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Texas personal injury lawyers.