Arizona Personal injury lawyer News – Phoenix Fire Department truck collides

Arizona Personal injury lawyer News – Phoenix Fire Department truck collides


Legal news for Arizona attorneys specializing in personal injury claims. Multiple vehicle pile-up seriously injures Phoenix Fire Department captain.

Arizona Personal injury lawyer alert-A crash between a Phoenix Fire Department fire truck and 7 cars seriously injures 14.

Phoenix, AZ—A Phoenix Fire Department fire truck en route to an emergency call crashed into seven vehicles, which left 14 people with injuries. The multiple vehicle pile-up occurred on Monday, August 10, 2009 at 6 p.m. while the fire engines lights and sirens were on, as reported by ABC15.

The fire truck was reportedly traveling through the intersection of Dunlap Avenue and Interstate 17 when a car slammed into the side of the fire engine. The impact of the collision sent the truck into the westbound lanes of Dunlap Avenue where it hit six other automobiles. The fire truck stopped after it slammed into the side of a locksmith van, which turned the van on its side. The fire captain, a 49-year-old female, was ejected from the fire truck and suffered a severe head injury. The seriously injured fire captain was transported by emergency medical service (EMS) crews to an area hospital for treatment of her potential traumatic brain injury (TBI). The driver of the car that hit the fire engine, a 23-year-old unidentified woman, also suffered serious injuries in the wreck. The injured woman was also rushed to a local hospital by EMS personnel for treatment of her injuries. Both the fire captain and the driver of the car had to recieve surgery in connection with their injuries sustained the wreck. Phoenix Police Department officials stated twelve others were treated at the scene of the collision by responding EMS crews or at local hospitals and were released.

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