Family files wrongful death lawsuit against Harris County jail

Family accuses Harris County jail officials and nurses for wrongful death and medical malpractice of their 44 year-old deceased mother. Harris County female inmate dies in jail from untreated blood infection alleges Texas wrongful death lawyers in Harris County court documents.

Houston wrongful death lawyers sue Harris County jail on behalf of grieving family in Texas claiming jain inmate died after refusal of medical care.

Houston, TX–On January 12, 2008, Margarita Saavedra, 44 year-old Harris County jail inmate died while in custody in the jail medical clinic. Texas wrongful death attorneys representing the grieving children of Saavedra filed a lawsuit against Harris County jail officials and medical personnel alleging medical malpractice by jail medical clinic nurses caused the wrongful death of Saavedra. As reported by the Houston Chronicle, the deceased inmate suffered who suffered from diabetes had injured her knee on a cell bunk bed in January of 2008. The jail doctor had ordered the ailing inmate to a hospital for an MRI and consultation with a bone surgeon on January 6, 2008. According to court documents and a jailer’s report, Saaverdra never made it to the hospital and nurses refused to care for the critically ill woman claiming she was faking pain to manipulate receiving drugs.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) stated in a June 4, 2008 report, after a March 2008 investigation, that there were an “alarming” number of deaths in the Harris County jail. Attorneys and investigators for the Department of Justice determined lack of appropriate medical care and mental health care, along with protection from physical violence and safety hazards violated inmates’ constitutional rights. What seems to be even more shocking is the grieving family’s Houston attorney who litigates wrongful death and medical malpractice suits revealed the daughter of Saavedra was notified of her mother’s death two days later when a fellow inmate phoned her collect and informed her of the terrible tragedy. According to the family and their attorney, Saavedra’s medical condition was treatable and cureable but the significant delay in care and complete lack of medical treatment caused a non-fatal illness to kill the inmate.

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