Christian tour bus crash kills 2 teens plus unborn baby!

Six Flags St. Louis cancels Christian rock band MercyMe concert after tour bus crash kills two teens and driver’s unborn baby. Fort Wayne police confirmed car crash involving rock band tour bus left teen driver in critical condition, killed two passenger’s and 9-month pregnant driver’s unborn baby.

Indiana automobile accident attorneys-Tour bus crash in Fort Wayne involving teen driver kills two teenage passengers and unborn baby.

Fort Wayne, IN–Fort Wayne 18 year-old, female driver, Kara Klinker remains in critical condition after an automobile accident involving her car and a Christian rock band’s tour bus killed two of her passengers and took the life of her 9-month unborn baby. As reported by the Chicago Tribune, Texas based Christian rock band MercyMe was traveling to Six Flags St. Louis to perform in a scheduled concert when the car crash occurred around 1:15 a.m. on Saturday. Fort Wayne police department officials claim the tour bus was proceeding through a green light in Fort Wayne when Klinker turned left infront of the bus. The tour bus operator was unable to avoid the young expectant mother’s motor vehicle.

Klinker was transported by Indiana emergency medical services (EMS) crews to Parkview Hospital where her 9-month old fetus was delivered still born. Klinker remains in critical condition on Sunday. The Journal Gazette of Fort Wayne reported Barbars R. Schmucker, 17, and Dario L. Boutte, 19, were the teenage passengers in Klinker’s car who also died in the tour bus crash. The Allen County Coroner’s Office confirmed the stillborn death of the unborn baby and neither the driver of the tour bus or any of the passengers reported suffering injuries.

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