Law Firm Internet Marketing Shop Provides New Info on Minority Mobile Web Use

/ Quinlan/ 08/10/2009
Kevin Quinlan an attorney-marketing guru offers his insight into trends in wireless Internet access by African American and Hispanic consumers and how they impact law firm marketing and search engine optimization.

In a recent report, data provided by a Pew Internet study of mobile web use indicates that the number and frequency that African Americans and Hispanics have accessed the mobile web has outpaced white consumers by a double-digit margin.  Law firm marketers should take note of this dramatic rise in minority mobile web access.

While wireless Internet access has risen to nearly one third of all consumers over the age of 18, more black and Hispanic consumers tend to use a mobile phone as their principal phone and therefore have a lower rate of hard-wired high-speed connection use than white consumers.  This factor provides insight into why minority Internet users have had a bigger bump in wireless access than whites. Seventeen percent of white consumers accessed the Internet with a mobile device on an average day versus twenty nine percent of blacks and Hispanic consumers.  It is noteworthy that the study did not include a Spanish language option, so the data is for English-speaking users.

The playing field for Internet access has been leveled for Hispanic and African American consumers when mobile devices are included in the statistics.  For attorneys marketing their services on the web the fact that black and white households utilize the web in the same ways means that there is greater access for these demographics to law firm marketing messages.  That also means that attorney search engine optimization (SEO) efforts are now reaching across demographic lines providing the opportunity for law firms to acquire a broader range of clients and for more consumers to have equal access to skilled legal support in their time of need.

As consumer average daily web activity has grown to 61% for white consumers and 54% for African Americans, the importance of well designed and executed web sites, SEO for law firms and a strong Internet presence becomes an even greater tool in reaching out to consumers.  That is especially true because regardless of the manner of access the range of activities is equivalent.  That means that searching for and researching goods and services, such as legal services, has an even broader reach.

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