Employment Law News: Hewlett-Packer sued for unpaid commissions!

Employment Law News: Hewlett-Packer sued for unpaid commissions!


Legal news for California employment law attorneys. Hewlett-Packard order-management system glitch cost salespeople their commissions.

California employment law attorneys alert-A system glitch causes salespeople of Hewlett-Packard to loose out on commissions.

San Francisco, CA—Hewlett-Packard Co. is named in a lawsuit alleging the computer manufacturing giant denied three former salespeople thousands of dollars in commissions due to a malfunction in Hewlett-Packard’s order-management system. At least 50,000 former and current salespeople haven’t received their earned commissions, as reported by Bloomberg.

The lawsuit, which was filed in federal court in San Francisco, states Omega, the software system that keeps track of all sales, was affected by a glitch causing salespeople to loose out on bonuses and commissions. Hewlett-Packard states around 2,000 out of 23,000 personnel from its global sales team were affected by the glitch. Hewlett-Packard says the company is currently working on the issue. The plaintiff, Shaun Simmons, who is a former sales representative, says $30,000 in commissions is owed to him, along with two other former representatives. The plaintiffs are seeking to represent all salespeople employed by Hewlett-Packard who have not received their commission payment or bonuses.

According to Wikipedia http://www.wikipedia.org states Hewlett-Packard, also known as “HP”, is the biggest technology company in the world and operates in almost every country. Hewlett-Packard develops and manufacturing computing, storage, and networking hardware, software and services.

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