Construction accident news Mediacom confirms Des Moines utility pole was not theirs!

Legal news for Iowa construction accident attorneys. Mediacom Communications states they do not own the fallen utility pole that fatally wounded a construction worker.

Mediacom Communications Corporation alerts- Fatal construction accident in greater Des Moines, Iowa involving a utility pole was not owned by the corporation.

Des Moines, IA—Officials with Mediacom Communications Corporation confirmed the fallen utility pole, which fatally injured a construction worker, did not belong to the company. As reported, the father of two, Andrew Russell Clarke, 32, of Des Moines, was killed after being struck by a falling utility pole on July 29, 2009.

According to police, a co-worker identified as Paul Maple, 57, of Johnston backed into the utility pole with a Bobcat, which caused the pole to fall over and hit Clarke in the head while he was apparently reaching for tools inside the work truck. Clarke was transported by fire department medics to the Iowa Methodist Medical Center where he was pronounced dead by medical doctors. The two workers were reportedly working on a section of sidewalk when the tragic construction accident occurred. Police officials in the Des Moines area stated the death has been ruled an accident and there were no charges filed in connection with the death. The Communications Director of Mediacom, Phyilis Peters, stated, “We do not own any utility poles in the greater Des Moines area. Unfortunately, we were liked to a fatal accident that doesn’t involve any of our equipment.”

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Iowa construction accident lawyers.