Motorcycle crash shuts down Sound Transit tracks!

Motorcycle crash shuts down Sound Transit tracks!


Legal news for Washington motorcycle accident attorneys. Two motorcycle club members crash leaving one dead and another seriously injured.

Washington motorcycle accident lawyers alert- A motorcycle crash shuts down Sound Transit light rail service.

Seattle, WA—Two motorcycle club members crashed on Martin Luther King Jr. Way South leaving one biker dead and another in critical condition. According to Seattle police, the motorcycle crash happened Wednesday morning, August 5, 2009 at 2 a.m., as reported by Komo News.

Seattle police officials believe the two men were speeding when they hit something and lost control. Police state there is no indication the two motorcycles collided. One of the bikers was thrown from his motorcycle and landed on the Sound Transit tracks, shutting down the light rail train service. The other motorcyclist suffered serious injuries and was transported by emergency medical service (EMS) crews to the Harborview Medical Center where he is listed in critical condition. Debris from the wreck was reportedly thrown across a large area of the accident scene. KING-TV reported, the two unidentified bikers are apparently members of the Drama Boyz motorcycle club, and were en route to the clubhouse when the fatal accident occurred. Officials had to shut down the light rail service due the wrecked motorcycle laying in the railroad tracks. The train service between Tukwila station and Othello station was suspended until police officials completed the accident investigation. Passengers were reportedly bussed between the two stations while the rail service was temporarily suspended. It is unknown whether the two bikers were wearing helmets when the crash happened. Police officials state the official cause of the crash is unknown and they are conducting a full investigation.

Legal news reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Washington motorcycle accident lawyers.

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