Beatrice Hospital accused of negligence!

Legal news for Nebraska medical malpractice attorneys. Beatrice Community Hospital and Health Center sued for improper treatment of a patient.

Nebraska medical malpractice attorney’s alert- Beatrice Community Hospital and a emergency room physician sued for improper treatment and negligence.

Beatrice, NE—The Beatrice Community Hospital and Health Center and an emergency room physician are named in a medical malpractice lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed by a Lincoln woman, who’s son was among the 50 “medically fragile” patients moved from the hospital this year, as reported by the Beatrice Daily Sun.

The lawsuit, which was filed on Tuesday, August 4, 2009, states the hospital’s prior medical treatments have left her son close to death. The claimant, Sandra Ham, alleges the hospital and the attending physician, Thomas Fennessy negligently treated her son, 24-year-old Ian Ham, who suffers from a swallowing condition. In August 2008, Ian removed his feeding tube and was taken to the Beatrice Community Hospital and Health Center to have it reinserted. Sandra Ham claims the hospital staff improperly reinserted the feeding tube, which caused pneumonia, a collapsed lung, and serious secondary infections. The hospital staff also inflicted unnecessary trauma by not administering pain medication to Ian while doctors and nurses conducted the reinsertion procedure and handcuffed him to the bed as a form of restraint. Sandra Ham further alleges the hospital discharged Ian and sent him back to the state care center too quickly. In addition, the lawsuit claims the Beatrice State Developmental Center ignored Ian’s swallowing condition twice and his health has deteriorated because the staff did not administer treatment. Ian reportedly also suffers from diabetes and is mentally disabled. The Beatrice staff apparently neglected to inform Sandra of his swallowing condition and stated he had behavioral issues. Ian is currently hospitalized in Lincoln, where his heath had reportedly improved.

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