Southwest Airlines targets Denver based Frontier Airlines

Dallas based Southwest Airlines offers $113.6 million to bankrupt Frontier Airlines Holdings Inc., to strengthen their position in Denver. Southwest seeks to nab Denver based Frontier Airlines from the court approved bid offered by Republic Airways for $108.8 million.

Texas business litigation lawyers for Southwest Airlines in Dallas moves to purchase Frontier Airlines.

Dallas, TX–Southwest Airlines, the low cost American airline with largest number of passengers carried per year world-wide, made a move to trump Republic Airways by entering a nonbinding bid of $113.6 million to Frontier Airlines. The Denver based Frontier Airlines is currently operating under bankruptcy protection. Southwest, headquartered in the Love Field area of Dallas, Texas, next to Love Field airport, is seeking to strengthen its position in the commercial airline market by expanding into new areas like Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport and resort areas in Mexico. According to Wikipedia Southwest operates about 3,500 passenger flights daily. Southwest would more than double its daily departure flights out of Denver International Airport (DIA), which is the largest international airport in the United States by land size, if they acquired Frontier.

Indianapolis-based Republic Airways Holdings Inc., submitted its $108.8 million bid in May and recently received court approval. However, in a business litigation case, when a bankrupt company is on the auction block, a better financial deal will trump a lower level offer. Aviation industry insiders say if the Southwest deal is approved, United Airlines which operates 436 daily departures out of Denver will now be competing with one larger airline carrier (Southwest/Frontier) by increasing its daily departures to nearly 300 out of Denver. If Dallas business litigation lawyers for Southwest, the nation’s 6th largest U.S. passenger airliner by revenue, wins the court approved acquisition of bankrupt Frontier, they will increase their service routes in nearly a dozen locations, including Atlanta which is the hub for Delta and AirTran. The low cost airline carriers will also score a presence at Washington-Reagan’s airport, one city in Costa Rica and five cities in Mexico. Southwest officials claim if the bankruptcy court judge approves their offer for Frontier the newly acquired airline company will operate separately and will eventually replace all of Frontier’s Airbus jets with the all Boeing 737 fleet Southwest currently operates.

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