Single-engine plane crew survive crash landing!

A Cessna single-engine airplane experiencing engine trouble crashed into a River Falls area hayfield. Pierce County Sheriff’s Department confirmed both the pilot and passenger survived the plane crash.

Pierce County Sheriff’s officers informed the FAA of an airplane crash in a Wisconsin hayfield that both plane crash victims survived.

Eau Claire, WI–Pierce County Sheriff’s Department confirmed a single-engine C185 Cessna plane crashed in a hayfield about 10 p.m. Wednesday night. The pilot and single passenger survived the dangerous plane crash. Both the pilot and passenger walked away from the aviation accident suspected to have been caused by engine trouble.

The single engine aircraft dropped out of the sky and landed in a hayfield near 1090th Street, south of County Road M, east of River Falls, in Pierce County. Mark Campillo, a 39 year old Wasilla, Alaska man was piloting the Cessna traveling with his 53 year-old passenger Miles Haisten when the plane began experiencing engine problems. Both the pilot and passenger were transported by emergency medical services personnel to River Falls Area Hospital for evaluation by doctors and nurses and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was informed of the airplane crash by Pierce County Sheriff’s officials.

Wisconsin aviation accident news covered by Senior Law and Justice Correspondent, Heather L. Ryan for Wisconsin plane crash victims.

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