Chicago landlord sues ex-tenenat over nasty Tweet

Chicago corporate landlord, Horizon Group Management, sued an ex-tenant claiming defamation in her Twitter remarks. The libel suit against the former tenant says she made false statements about her “moldy” apartment on the Internet using Twitter.

Chicago litigation lawyers for Horizon Group file injury lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court citing libelous Twitter statement by ex-resident.

Chicago, IL–Horizon Management Group LLC, a corporate landlord, filed a lawsuit against former tenant, Amanda Bonnen, for a remark she “tweeted” about her “moldy” apartment. The libel suit filed in Cook County Circuit Court last week for lawyers representing the management company alleges the former tenant defamed the Chicago apartment leasing and management company by tweeting the following comment to a friend in May, 2009, “Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon realty thinks it’s OK.”

Apparently the lawsuit claims Bonnen’s Twiiter account was public and her tweet was sent throughout the world. On May 12, the former resident, used Twitter, a microblogging service which is social media outlet that allows account holder to send quick, easy messages containing 140 characters or less to other account holders. Recent news sources have reported Bonnen only had 20 registered followers at the time of her “libelous” tweet. Horizon Management Group is asking for $50,000 in damages for the libelous Twitter update. Other sources have indicated Bonnen is involved in a class action lawsuit against the Chicago management company for damages and injuries suffered from living in a moldy apartment.

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