Speeding Mercury Cougar slams into brick wall killing 3!

Speeding Mercury Cougar slams into brick wall killing 3!


Legal news for Michigan automobile accident attorneys. Three teenagers died when their speeding car looses control and hits brick wall.

Michigan automobile accident lawyer’s alert- Out of control Mercury Cougar slams into brick wall in metro Detroit killing three.

Detroit, MI—A speeding car slams into a brick wall killing the three teenagers on Tuesday, July 28, 2009. The fatal accident occurred inside the Romulus golf club and subdivision at 12:30 p.m., as reported by the Detroit Free Press.

A speeding 1996 Mercury Cougar traveling south on Venoy reportedly sped though the intersection of Van Born into the Fairways at Gateway subdivision, and entered on the wrong side the entrance median. The car clipped a riding lawn mower, which was clipping grass on the median, then lost control, became airborne and slammed into a brick welcome sign. The car hit the brick wall with such force it knocked off several bricks from the welcome sign. The car was reportedly speeding through the entrance at around 70 to 80 m.p.h. The deceased victims were identified as, the driver Gary Gains, 19, of Westland; Joshua Sienbenrock, 17, of Westland; and Brianna Bennett, 19 of Inkster. A golf club employee who was riding on the lawnmower also sustained injuries in the crash.

This is the second fatal accident involving teenagers in less than three weeks in the metro Detroit area. Recently a 19-year-old driver drove around a railroad crossing guard and was hit by an Amtrak train, which killed all five people inside the vehicle.

Justice Correspondent: Nicole Howley-Legal news for automobile accident lawyers in and around Detroit.

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