Legal news for Florida attorneys practicing criminal law. Four Hollywood police officers caught shifting the blame for a traffic accident onto another woman.

Florida attorneys alert- Hollywood police officers caught discussing a crash report cover up on a dashboard video camera.

Miami, FL—A dashboard video camera mounted inside a Hollywood police officer’s cruiser caught four Hollywood police officers discussing a crash cover-up scheme. The crash involved a Hollywood police officer and a woman, who was later, charged with a driving under the influence (DUI). The police officer rear-ended the woman in February and then made a conscious decision to shift the blame onto the woman, as reported by the Chicago Tribune.

The four police officers accused of discussing the cover-up are identified as, Joel Franscisco, 36; Officer Dewey Pressley, 42; Sgt. Andrew Diaz, 39; and a Community Service Officer Karim Thomas. The rear-ended woman, Alexandra Gabriela Torrensvilas, 23, of Hollywood was charged with four counts of drunk driving and was also issued a citation for improper lane change after being hit by the police officer. Pressley, the officer who made the false crash report and arrest, stated Torrensvilas was driving with a large gray cat on her lap while traveling on Sheridan Street. The cat allegedly jumped out the window, which caused Torrensvilas to slam on her brakes and swerve in front of Officer Francisco’s cruiser. Francisco then approached Torrensvilas car, where the officer noticed a strong smell of alcohol. After the accident, the officers were caught red-handed on one of the dashboard video cameras plotting a cover-up and story to fit the facts of the crash, which would switch the blame onto the woman. The officers were unaware the video camera was catching everything they were saying. It is unknown what really caused the collision.

The four police officials were placed on administrative duty until an internal affairs investigation and the Broward States Attorney’s office can review the investigation. If Torrensvilas is found guilty, she can face up to three years in jail.

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