Cheerleader sues Pearl High School for $50 million!

Cheerleader sues Pearl High School for $50 million!


Legal news for Mississippi personal injury attorneys. Pearl High School cheerleader sues school over defamation and violation of free speech rights.

Mississippi personal injury attorney’s alert- high school cheerleader is suing Pearl High School for violation of free speech rights.

Jackson, MS—A $50 million lawsuit was filed by the family of a Pearl High School student who was unfairly punished and shunned after her cheerleading coach read emails exchanged with another student. The cheerleading coach allegedly requested all the members of the Pearl High School cheerleading squad to provide her with their passwords and login information to their Facebook accounts, as reported by Clarion Ledger.

The incident, which happened nearly two years ago during her freshman year, has left Mandi Jackson, 14, depressed and has caused her grades to fall. Mandi, now a junior, is still being punished for the exchanged email with another student, which contained profanity. Mandi’s parents, Donald and Missy Jackson filed the lawsuit on June 18 in a federal court. The lawsuit named school district head, John Ladner; Pearl High School Principal Ray Morgigno; Mississippi Cheerleader Academy; and cheerleading coaches Tommie Hill, Tiffany Durr and Cory Byrd. Mandi stated her cheerleading coach sat her out of the competition squad after she read the emails. In addition, Mandi says fellow classmates have ostracized her because of the emails. The lawsuit claims the school district violated Mandi’s constitutional right of free speech, defamation of character, and cruel and unusual punishment. Mandi’s parents tried other routes before filing the suit; her mother tried speaking with the school and cheerleading coach but they wouldn’t lift her punishment. The school district has denied liability.

Justice Correspondent: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Mississippi lawyers practicing personal injury law.

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