Loose bucket causes pile up on I-90!

Loose bucket causes pile up on I-90!


Legal news for Washington automobile accident attorneys. Six vehicle pileup on I-90 caused by loose bucket.

Washington police alerts Washington accident attorneys a six automobile accident involving an 18-wheeler was caused by a loose bucket on Interstate 90.

Seattle, WA—A loose bucket is the accused culprit in a six-vehicle pileup along Interstate 90. The accident occurred on Monday, July 20, 2009 at 3:35 p.m., as reported by the Seattle Times.

According to accident reports, a driver of a small car was traveling on the floating bridge of I-90 when he noticed a bucket rolling around the westbound lanes. The driver promptly slammed on his breaks in a desperate attempt to avoid hitting the bucket, causing a chain reaction of collisions. The chain reaction involved a semi truck, two pickup trucks, and three cars. According to police officials, a pickup truck landed on top of a car, trapping the driver inside their vehicle. Rescue crews from Mercer Island and Seattle fire departments rescued three other drivers who were reportedly stuck inside their wrecked cars. The other pickup truck was transporting around 20 gallons of paint when the 18-wheeler struck the truck from behind. The impact of the collision caused the 20 gallons of paint to be splattered across the Interstate and all over other motor vehicles.

The state Department of Ecology http://www.ecy.wa.gov/ was dispatched to clean up the splattered paint on the road. About 5 to 10 gallons of paint also apparently seeped down into a storm drain and into Lake Washington. Police officials are currently looking for the driver who lost the bucket on the freeway. The State Patrol is asking witnesses with any information to come forward.

Justice Correspondent: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Washington attorneys specializing in automobile accident lawsuits.

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