Illinois employment lawyers representing former Home Depot assistant managers sue retail giant in Cook County Circuit Court. The lawsuit filed by employment law attorneys in Chicago alleges Home Depot violated federal wage laws.

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Chicago, IL–Employment law attorneys for wronged ex-assistant managers for an Illinois Home Depot filed a lawsuit against the home improvement retail giant in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois seeking class-action status. The former employees accuse Home Depot Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and also known as the largest home-improvement retailer in the United States, of failing to pay overtime wages to Illinois assistant store managers for three years.

Illinois employment lawyers representing the wronged workers assert in court documents that Home Depot intentionally exempted the former assistant managers as “exempt” from overtime wages, as reported by Reuters. Overtime is paid to workers after 40 hours of clocked time in a week and the ex-assistant managers claim they were misclassified as “exempt” while Home Depot required them to work at least 55 hours per week with no overtime. Federal law requires overtime wages to be calculated at time and a half for hours worked over 40 per week. The plaintiffs are seeking past unpaid income and punitive damages and further state the wage and labor law violations is widespread throughout Home Depot. The home-improvement and construction materials retail store operated about 57 locations in Illinois in the past three years.

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