Father watches son die in tragic 18-wheeler accident!

Legal news for Indiana 18-wheeler accident lawyers. Semi truck’s gas tank ignited in SUV collision causing an inferno on State Road 28.

Delaware County Sheriff’s department alerts accident lawyers of Semi-truck wreck, which leaves one victim with blunt force trauma.

Muncie, IN—A young man was tragically killed in a fiery accident along Indiana State Road 28. The fatal accident, which involved a collision with a semi truck, was witnessed by the young mans father, as reported by thestarpress.com.

The young man who was driving his SUV, Zachary Douglas Greenwalt, 21, was killed when he swerved from the center lane into another lane and hit a “bob-tail” semi truck’s gas tank. According to Wikipedia http://www.wikipedia.org bobtail is slang amongst truck drivers, which refers to a semi truck without a trailer. The impact of the SUV hitting the gas tank of the semi ignited an explosion in the gas tank. The explosion caused the SUV and semi truck to loose control and land in ditches along opposite sides of road. Greenwalt’s father, identified as Keith Greenwalt, was traveling just ahead of his son, when he saw the accident occur. Both vehicles and the roadway in-between the vehicles were reportedly engulfed in flames by the time emergency workers responded to the accident scene. According to Delaware County Sheriffs officers, Greenwalt was trapped inside his burning SUV, and was pronounced dead by emergency responders at the scene of the accident. Greenwalt reportedly died from blunt force trauma and fire-related injuries sustained in the wreck. The unidentified driver of the semi truck, escaped from the burning big rig with non-life threatening injuries. The semi truck driver was transported by Delaware County emergency medical services (EMS) personnel to an area hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Six area departments responded to accident, which included: Gaston, Hamilton Township and Center Township fire departments. Police departments from Delaware County, Eaton, and Gaston conducted an investigation of the accident. Investigators are currently trying to determine if Greenwalt had a medical condition which could have caused him to swerve into the semi truck. Alcohol does not appear to be a factor

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