Arizona nursing home agrees to pay $1,450 violation!

Arizona nursing home agrees to pay $1,450 violation!


Legal news article for Arizona nursing home abuse attorneys. Devon Gables cited on numerous state and federal violations and are accused of negligence.

A state investigation was launched by the Arizona Department of Health Services for suspicions of nursing home abuse and neglect at Devon Gables care facility.

Tucson, AZ—The state of Arizona has fined Devon Gables, a long-term care nursing home after a state investigation found several civil violations. The nursing home has agreed to pay the $1,450 fine, as reported by the Arizona Daily Star. In the state’s investigation they uncovered 16 violations of state and federal rules and regulations, which included:

• Devon Gables staff neglected to immediately contact and consult a physician in regards to a resident’s dark and reddened skin. The skin was allegedly rubbing against a wheelchair pedal, which turned into a serious infected pressure wound, which requires hospitalization.
• Caregivers administered a narcotic drug to a resident at the nursing home facility who is known to be allergic to narcotics.
• The nursing home neglected to develop and implement a post-discharge plan for a Devon Gables resident who was released into unsuitable living conditions. According to investigators, the home had no electricity with dirt and mouse droppings everywhere.
• Devon Gables failed to report to the state of Arizona an allegation of abuse, which involved one of their residents.
• Devon Gables staff neglected to document three before and after nursing assessments of residents who are diagnosed with end-stage renal disease, who underwent dialysis.

The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) who is responsible for licensing nursing homes in the state of Arizona, fines care facilities a maximum of $500 a day for such violations. On June 22, the nursing home agreed to pay $1,450 for failing to follow their policies regarding skin care, change in patient health status, and wound monitoring. In an April, investigators conducting an investigation found several more minor violations. Devon Gables is also embroiled in three pending lawsuits in the Pima County Superior Court. The lawsuits allege the nursing home exhibited negligence, violated the Arizona Adult Protective Act, and two counts of wrongful death. Devon Gables has adamantly denied any wrongdoing. As of May 20, the nursing home has filed a plan of corrective action, and has become in “excellent” standing with the state.

Nicole Howley-Legal news information for Arizona nursing home abuse lawyers.

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