Product Defect – Feds recall BioSensory mosquito monitors

Legal news reports for Connecticut product liability attorneys.  BioSensory, Inc. is a company based out of Putnam, Connecticut and manufactures mosquito monitors.

Putnam, CT–BioSensory, Inc. has participated in a recall of approximately 70 units of Mosquito Traps and 1500 units of Bed Bug Monitors. BioSensory, Inc. is a company based out of Putnam, Connecticut. The voluntary recall was issued after the company discovered the two products pose cut and burn hazards. Carbon dioxide (CO2) pressure sensors within the two products can crack, leak, or burst. Cracking could cause sharp edges on the product, posing a cut hazard to consumers. Leaking or bursting could cause a CO2 discharge, posing a frost-like burn hazard. Safety regulators with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the voluntary recall on July 7, 2009.

The following model numbers are under federal recall:

– The Dragonfly II Model 503

– The NightWatch Model 506

Pictures and a full description of the two models are available at The two recalled products were made in China. The recalled Dragonfly II retailed for approximately $375 during May 2009 in Frontgate Catalog. The recalled NightWatch was sold to Forshaw Distribution’s licensed pest control operators for about $600 during May 2009. Currently, no injuries or incidents related to the recalled items have been reported. Consumers in possession of the Dragonfly should stop using the item. Contact Frontgate Catalog at 1-800-537-8484 for a replacement. Licensed professionals in possession of the NightWatch should take the product out of use. A replacement is available from the distributor. The Windham County firm, BioSensory, Inc., can be contacted by phone at 1-800-261-2659 or online at

Legal news reports for Connecticut product liability lawyers

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