$2.2 million asbestos violations hit Nevada’s Anaconda Copper Mine!

Atlantic Richfield Company(ARC) settles federal EPA violations at former Nevada mine.

Las Vegas, NV-Atlantic Richfield Company (ARC) entered into a recent settlement agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) www.epa.gov regarding massive toxic law violations at their former Anaconda Copper Mine site in Yerrington, Nevada. ARC agreed to reimburse the EPA $2.2 million of the $10 million the federal agency has already spent investigating, and cleaning up the Superfund site. The EPA already spent approximately $10 million at the Anaconda Copper Mine site removing the following, highly environmental and human toxic materials known to cause various forms of cancer like mesothelioma lung cancer, plus other contaminants:

-Asbestos-laden transite pipe throughout the mine
-Radiological materials so workers can safely continue abatement and demolition
-Construction and operation of a system deterring wildlife from contaminated water and acidic fluids
-Abatement and demolition of abandoned electrical wiring systems

The Anaconda Copper Mine was formerly the Empire Nevada Mine. ARC company executives also agreed to perform additional demolition, abatement, and cleanup work estimated at $8 million to further reduce the environmental and health affects caused by toxic substances like asbestos containing materials. The EPA regulators state they will use the $2.2 million in fines to continue the abatement project headed under the Pacific Southwest Superfund Division to help prevent hazardous dust particles, like asbestos fibers from continually harming the ground water, environment, wildlife, workers, and area residents.

Asbestos and the other toxic materials are known carcinogens and can cause other harmful illnesses and diseases. Workers, miners, and area residents exposed to asbestos containing materials are at high risk for developing illnesses like asbestosis and fatal cancers like mesothelioma lung cancer.

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