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Colorado family sues Glenwood Caverns after roller coaster ride disaster.

Glenwood Springs, CO–A Colorado resident has named a Colorado adventure park in a personal injury lawsuit. The lawsuit is in connection with a previous accident, which occurred also at the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, as reported by The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

The plaintiff, Theresa Suarez, of Colorado alleges the ride operator for the alpine coaster ride failed to properly restrain Suarez’s daughter to the seat in the front car of the roller coaster ride. When the ride began, the girl was reportedly flung from the roller coaster car. Suarez grabbed her daughter but was flung from the ride herself. Suarez claims they were both dragged for the duration of the ride and had both sustained serious injuries. The mother and daughter are currently receiving ongoing medical care for the permanent injuries they sustained in the accident. According to the lawsuit, Suarez stated the accident occurred due to the negligent actions of the park and its ride operators. The park and its employees failed to exercise reasonable care to protect park-goers against potentially life-threatening situations. Suarez is seeking compensation for costs related to the accident at the adventure park. As last October, the park reportedly had over 400,000 visitors who rode the roller coaster in question, which resulted in six accidents.

The Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park settled a lawsuit last fall, in which another adventure park attendee was hurt on one of the ride attractions, Canyon Flyer. The accident occurred when her car struck another car stopped on the track of the ride. Linda Pappas, of New Castle suffered shoulder injuries, which was a result from the accident. According to the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park website park attendees must sign a release of liability waiver prior to enjoying any rides or attractions. This liability waiver may make it difficult for plaintiffs to receive any compensation for any injuries sustained while visiting the Colorado adventure park.

News Contributor: Nicole Howley-Legal news for personal injury attorneys