Butte County Deputy injured!

Butte County Deputy injured!


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Butte County deputy injured in rear-end SUV accident in Yankee Hill.

Paradise, CA–A motor vehicle collision (MVC) on Wednesday afternoon injured two people, including one deputy officer, in Yankee Hill, California. The Oroville Mercury-Register reports the automobile accident took place close to the Highway 70 West Branch Bridge. Butte County area police officials received a call from the injured deputy at around 3:50 p.m., notifying authorities of the car crash. Police detectives say the deputy, Jay Freeman, was inside of his parked Ford Expedition SUV at the time of the wreck. The SUV was stopped on the bridge’s east side. A vehicle, driven by a woman from Yankee Hill, was traveling southbound on the freeway. The woman, whose name has not been released by police investigators, lost control of her car as she was coming down the hill. The brakes on her vehicle failed to work. Cal Fire-Butte County fire rescue crew arrived at the car accident scene to assist other roadway accident investigators. California Highway Patrol (CHP) state troopers continue to investigate the SUV collision.

Deputy Freeman, who has been with the Yankee Hill area department for several years, sustained minor injuries. He was taken to a local Butte County area hospital to be seen by doctors and nurses as a precautionary measure. Freeman’s patrol SUV was majorly damaged by the force of the car collision. All airbags within the SUV deployed on impact. The woman sustained moderate injuries, including pains in the arm and abdominal region. The crash caused major damage to the woman’s two-door car. Yankee Hill area police leaders did not indicate whether the woman was treated by paramedics or transported to a hospital for treatment.

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