Lindsey Lohan sued!

Lindsey Lohan sued!


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Lawsuit claim Lohan stole sunless tanning lotion formula that retails at Sephora.

Tampa, FL–Lindsey Lohan and her business partner, Lorit Simon, are embroiled in a lawsuit, accusing the pair of stealing a St. Petersburg chemist’s formula for Lohan’s sunless tanning line, Sevin Nyne. The New York Daily News reported, the chemist, Jennifer Sunday, alleges Simon and Lohan breached their signed confidentiality agreement after the duo were made privy of Sunday’s exclusive tanning formula.

Lohan teamed up with the business woman, Simon, who owns a Las Vegas business, that applies airbrush tans to celebrities and high profile clients to help develop the sunless tanning concoction, Sevin Nyne. The lawsuit, which was filed in a Tampa, Florida, federal court, charges Lohan, Simon, and Simon’s company for breach of contract, theft of trade secrets, civil conspiracy, intentional indifference with contractual relations, and deceptive and unfair trade practices. Sunday and Simon were reportedly in negotiations when Simon was shown the sunless formula at Sunday’s company, White Wave International Labs, but they never confirmed an agreement.

Sevin Nyne, which is remarkably similar to Sundays formula, contains, goji berries, caramel, Chardonnay extracts, and a sugar free coconut base. Lohan’s “sunless secret” was launched this summer at Sephora and is reportedly being retailed for $35. According to the Sephora website, a portion of the proceeds of Sevin Nyne are being used to benefit skin cancer awareness charities.

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