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Detroit 18 wheeler fuel tanker explodes on I-75 collapsing overpass.

Detroit, MI–Two big rig tankers crashed on Interstate 75 in Hazel Park around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 15, 2009. The collision of the two big rigs ignited a fiery explosion, which caused the nine-mile overpass located above the accident scene to collapse, according to CNN.
According to Michigan State Police, a gasoline tanker carrying thousands of gallons of fuel, and a tractor-trailer collided for unknown reasons. The collision ignited a violent explosion in the gasoline tanker. The explosion and intense heat caused half of the nine-mile overpass to collapse. The overpass had two lanes of traffic in each direction; it is unknown if there were any motorists traveling on the overpass when it collapsed.

Flames and black smoke were reported to have reached hundreds of feet in the air, and could be seen for miles. The Hazel Park Fire Department said, several other vehicles are speculated to be involve; at this time there have been three victims reported with non-life threatening injuries. Michigan State Police officials claim the gasoline tanker driver has not been located. It is speculated the driver may still be in the wreckage, but the truck is under intense heat and cannot be approached.

Michigan radio station WWJ reported gasoline from the tanker has seeped into the sewers along the freeway and caught fire. Interstate 75 is reportedly still shut down where the fiery collision occurred at this time. Michigan State investigators are still conducting investigations to determine the cause of the accident and who is at fault. The identities of the truck drivers and injured victims have not been released.

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