California writer sues Lost television show

California writer sues Lost television show


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Touchstone Television, ABC, and Lost named in lawsuit filed by L.A. writer.

Los Angeles, CA–A man, who claims he was the first creator of the hit television series, Lost, is suing ABC and Touchstone Television. According to TMZ, Anthony Spinner, a producer for “Baretta” and “Babes in Toyland” wrote the TV drama pilot back in 1977. Spinner alleges he was paid $300,000 in 1977 to write the 121-page script titled “Lost”.

Spinner filed a lawsuit on July 10, 2009, naming both ABC and Touchstone Television networks in the intellectual property lawsuit. He claims the two major networks passed on the pilot back n ’77, ’91, and ’94. Then in 2004, Touchstone suddenly came out with a replica of the pilot in which Spinner was pitching. In the entertainment law legal action, Spinner makes note of the numerous similarities between his pilot and the now TV show Lost. He even claims the names of the characters, their dark pasts, and occupations were stolen. Spinner is demanding a percentage of the royalties from the hit TV show, and monetary damages in the entertainment law litigation.

This isn’t the first time Spinner tried to bring this matter to court. A few years ago, he reportedly tried to sue the television networks but the lawsuit was dismissed for procedural reasons. According to Wikipedia, Lost is a drama series about a commercial passenger jet flying between Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, California, and crashes somewhere in the South Pacific on a seemingly deserted and mysterious tropical island. The show follows the lives, trials, and tribulations of plane crash survivors trying to find a way home and the mysterious island people stalking them.

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