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Female financial employee sues Bank of America alleging gender discrimination.

Charlotte, NC–One of America’s largest financial companies, Bank of America, is being sued by one of their female financial advisors citing allegations of gender discrimination, according to the New York Daily News. Jamie Goodman, who has been working for the Merrill Lynch owned Bank of America for 16 years, has named both companies in a class action sexual discrimination lawsuit filed in June 2009.

Goodman alleges she received unfair treatment when the financial company issued larger bonuses to her male coworkers. Goodman further claims Bank of America was well aware of their parent companies unfair bonus policies but did nothing to correct the discrimination practices. Apparently, Bank of America is adamantly fighting the allegations, stating the bonuses were issued based on merit rather then gender. Because of the gender discrimination in her place of employment, Goodman said it was a common practice to give the wealthier clients to male brokers, thus lowering the production levels of female employees, which in return means smaller bonuses.

According to Wikipedia Bank of America has clients in more than 150 countries. Bank of America is listed as the largest bank by assets, third largest commercial bank by deposits, and was previously the third largest banking institution by market capitalization in the United States.

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