Manhattan student Job Corps bus rollover injures 18

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Job Corps student charter bus rolls over sparking fire on Kansas Highway 18.

Kansas City, KS–A charter bus carrying at least 20 Manhattan Job Corps students and possibly several other passengers rolled over and caught fire on K-18 around 2 p.m. on Monday. The charter bus driver was attempting to U-turn on K-18 highway, struck the median, rolled over, and caught fire. The charter bus was then rear-ended by an 18-wheeler hauling rocks.

Manhattan Fire Department and emergency medical services (EMS) personnel responded to the serious bus crash. The bus accident happened on K-18 highway east of the Manhattan airport. Kansas highway accident investigators claim 18 people were injured in the serious bus rollover accident involving a semi-truck. Mercy Regional Health Center and Erwin Army Hospital were two area hospitals who received injured victims and provided medical treatment. Most of the injured passengers were between the ages of 18 and 22, with the exception of an infant, the bus driver, and the semi-truck driver.

Legal news reports for Kansas personal injury lawyers.

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