Florida I-4 car crash injures construction workers!

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18 wheeler hits Hillsborough County highway construction workers injuring four.

Tampa, FL–A multiple vehicle auto accident injured four people early Monday morning. As reported by the Tampa Bay Online News, the motor vehicle collision (MVC) took place near Dover, Florida, by McIntosh Road. The 18-wheeler truck crash occurred at 1:44 a.m. on Interstate 4. Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) state troopers say a big rig truck set off a chain reaction after hitting a construction truck. The construction truck was pushed forward into the patrol car in front of it.

Hillsborough County police authorities state the patrol car, which had its police lights on, then rammed into another construction truck before it. Both construction trucks had flashing arrows on to notify motorists of the construction work being done. There were occupants in all four vehicles at the time of the truck wreck. The driver of the semi-truck was 45 year-old Jack Duran from Orlando. The officer in the patrol car was 45 year-old Maurice Hensley of Tampa. The two drivers of the construction trucks were 18 year-old Steven Cofield from Bradenton and 43 year-old William Pettet from Valrico.

Duran, the driver of the tractor-trailer truck, was transported to Tampa General Hospital by Dover area paramedics. Emergency medical services (EMS) team took patrolman Hensley to St. Joseph’s Hospital. Cofield, one of the construction truck drivers, was transported to Brandon Regional Hospital for treatment by doctors and nurses. Valrico, the other construction truck driver, was not transported to a hospital. Westbound lanes of I-4 were closed off for approximately four hours as police detectives investigated the case.

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