West Palm Beach motorcycle rider killed! Breaking News : Live Video Scene

Legal news for West Palm Beach motorcycle accident lawyers. Live Video shoot by Justice News Flash Staff reporters Heather Ryan and Nicole Howley.

Downtown West Palm biker struck, dragged, and killed by automobile driver!

West Palm Beach, FL–An unidentified motorcycle rider lies dead on the median of Quadrille at the corner of Evernia Street in downtown West Palm Beach late Tuesday afternoon. The deceased rider, who remains unidentified by West Palm Beach Police Department officers until family notification, rests covered by a yellow tarp on the median.

West Palm Beach Police Department homicide accident detectives and their team of investigators remain on the horrific motor vehicle death scene photographing the grisly motorcycle accident fatality. A Yamaha bike lies on its side in the Northbound lanes of Quadrille, and the entire intersection has been roped off by Palm Beach County accident investigators. According to officers on the scene, the driver of a white, Mercury Grand Marquis, four door sedan, crashed into the motorcyclist while the rider was traveling Westbound on Evernia at about 3:30 p.m. this afternoon.

West Palm Beach Fire Rescue was also on the scene, and area witnesses reported a resident, living in a condominium on the corner of Evernia and Quadrille, witnessed the entire motorcycle accident. The unidentified condo resident ran down and began cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the critically injured motorcycle rider. She claimed the rider took his last breath in her presence. Police officers confirmed the rider was not wearing a helmet and the impact of the collision with the car pushed the Yamaha bike some 50 feet North down Quadrille. When the bike finally came to a stop there was a mound of asphalt dust left in its wake and bone and blood fragments from the rider were marked by homicide detectives on the roadway. A Palm Beach County investigator on the scene revealed the rider was struck by the car, catapulted onto the hood and windshield of the sedan, and finally ejected onto the median where he died from his traumatic injuries. This is a sad day for the families of the unidentified motorcycle rider and the unnamed driver of the sedan.

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