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Delray Beach sobriety capital shuts down recovery homes.

West Palm Beach, FL–On Tuesday, the city of Delray Beach enacted several new laws that would strip the South Florida city of it’s title as the “rehab capital of the world”, according to the Sun-Sentinel. The City Commissioners of Delray Beach voted unanimously on four new laws to prevent sober houses and transient rental homes from operating in established single-family neighborhoods. The new laws gave a revised definition to what a family is considered, and how many non-related people, which is a total of three, can live under one roof. The laws also stiffen permit requirements for landlords, which limit rental turnovers to six times a year. The laws also prevent businesses such as group homes, vacation rentals, and sober living facilities from operating in areas zoned as single-family neighborhoods.

The Delray Beach commission listened to dozens of concerned residents who spoke about the problems created by sober housing near their homes. The residents cited traffic concerns, break-ins and loud parties from rented homes to college students as some of the grievances homeowners and lessees had. Among the grievances, some residents worried the new laws would expose the city to challenges within the legal system which would end up costing taxpayers money. Others worried the new rules wouldn’t comply with the Fair Housing Act, fearing they were discriminatory and could entice the U.S. Department of Justice to withdrawal federal funds from the city.

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