Illinois Amtrak train kills five teens!

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Five Canton Township teens hit and killed by Amtrak train at crossing.

Canton, IL – Five teens were tragically killed when they drove around a railroad crossing gate and were struck by a traveling Amtrak train in Canton Township on Thursday, as reported by the According to Canton Township police, the teens were traveling northbound on Hannan Road when they drove around the lowering railroad crossing gates. The Amtrak train pushed the victims vehicle in to the Lotz Road crossing when they were fatally hit. The four teenagers died at scene of the accident. The victims were identified as Jessica Sadler, 14, of Canton Township; her boyfriend 18-year-old Eddie Gross, of Taylor; Sean Harris, 19, of Detroit; Terrance Harris, 21, of Stafford Virginia; and the driver Dan Broughton, 19. The car in which they were traveling in was found lodged under the train’s engine, with the car’s wheels folded beneath the crushed hood.

Amtrak officials stated the Amtrak 353 train was traveling to Chicago from Detroit and Pontiac with a reported 170 passengers and four crew members aboard the train when the tragic accident occurred. The train, which had five passenger cars and two engines at the front and back, reported no injuries. According to Wikipedia,, Amtrak is owned under The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, a government-owned corporation, which provides passenger transportation service on 21,000 miles (34,000 km) of track which connects 500 destinations in 46 states.

Legal news reports for Illinois personal injury lawyers.

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