Veteran’s Administration News – Former Camp Lejeune contaminated drinking water!

Veteran’s Administration News – Former Camp Lejeune contaminated drinking water!


Former Camp Lejeune resident sues feds citing contaminated drinking water.

Dallas, TX (–Star News reported, a personal injury lawsuit was filed against the U.S. government on July 4, in federal court in the Eastern District of North Carolina. The lawsuit is seeking an upwards of $10,000 in personal injury damages. The plaintiff alleges she consumed polluted drinking water during the time she was living at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, Florida. Attorneys for the plaintiff and former Lejeune resident, Laura J. Jones, asserts the United States government, and agents of the Department of Defense, knowingly and willfully exposed Marines, sailors, their families, and civilian employees to highly polluted drinking water contained at the military base.

Civil litigation attorneys for Jones further allege, the government knowingly destroyed information revealing the dangers of exposure to the highly contaminated drinking water. Personal injury attorneys representing Jones state, the goal of the lawsuit is to expose the truth of the countless years military personnel, civilian employees, and their families have been exposed to contaminated drinking water. In addition, the plaintiff is seeking compensation for the adverse effects on her health from the daily exposure to hazardous pollutants in the water. The claimant also says health problems arising from the hazardous exposure have included cancers, reproductive disorders, and birth defects.

Although the number of affected people could reach in the millions, the claim cannot become a class-action lawsuit. Under the Feres Doctrine, soldiers and veterans are unable to sue the federal government; only spouses and children of the affected military personnel and veterans will be able to file suit.

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