Palm Beach securities fraud lawyer-Gary Roberts-contends Charities sentenced 150 years along with Madoff!

West Palm Beach Injury Lawyers Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A./Gary Roberts Securities Fraud Attorney/ 07/06/2009
West Palm Beach, FL –On Monday, June 29, 2009, U.S. District Court Judge Denny Chin handed down a 150 year federal prison sentence to Bernard Madoff, the perpetrator of a $13 billion Ponzi scheme.  Madoff, regarded as a Wall Street pioneer for several decades, pled guilty to 11 different criminal counts relating to a $13 billion securities fraud. Judge Chin cited the financial fraud Madoff perpetrated against charitable organizations, disabled persons’ trusts, and individual investors was “extraordinarily evil” and rocked America’s faith in our nation’s legal and financial systems. South Florida civil trial lawyers specializing in fraud injury lawsuits agree with Judge Chin and further assert victims, of Madoff’s $13 billion scheme, were also sentenced Monday, by the mere fact, the government only recovered around $1 billion of the stolen money.

Palm Beach County injury attorneys, specializing in fraud claims, state charitable organizations have been hit extremely hard by the catastrophic loss of funds that are now no longer available to their desperate recipients. West Palm Beach fraud attorney, Gary Roberts, Senior Partner of Gary Roberts and Associates believes charities may have a right to compensation for their financial losses. Financial Advisors of charitable organizations have a responsibility to ensure that these funds are properly managed.

Errors and Omissions Insurance coverage, also known as E&O insurance and professional liability insurance, provides coverage when a broker, business professional or financial advisor makes a mistake, which causes financial harm to another. According to top civil fraud litigator, Roberts, this type of insurance can help a charity, business, or individual recover compensation for their financial losses so they don’t have to bear the full brunt of the monetary loss because someone else made an error.

If you have been injured by fraud, you may be better served contacting a local civil trial lawyer, who specializes in helping victims of business and financial theft rather than a “Wall Street litigator”.

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