What Law Firm Marketers Can Learn From Michael Jackson’s Death

/CEPACLaw.com/Kevin Quinlan/ 07/07/2009
If there was any doubt about how huge a share of the population of all ages is acquiring their news online, it was put to rest on June 25th when searches related to Michael Jackson’s death almost rendered the Internet unusable.

Everyone from Google News to sites like TMZ, that broke the story, to Twitter and even CNN, felt the ripple effects of the massive number of Jackson related searches as people frantically looked to the web for the most current news.  CNN reported receiving 20 million page views in the hour after the story broke and users experienced difficulty accessing search results on Google, the LA Times site, Wikipedia and even AOL’s instant messenger service was down for nearly 40 minutes.

It is not uncommon for breaking news on the web to create a domino effect when it comes to more shocking stories that appeal to a wide ranging demographic.  Once the story is broken it is read, shared, commented upon and spreads across the web through social media like Twitter and instant messaging.

The lesson to be learned for marketers is that if you had any doubts as to whether you should be promoting your law firm on the Internet using the latest search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, they should now be put to rest.  While stories like the death of a celebrity like Michael Jackson may cause unprecedented consequences for the Internet, failure to promote your website and your law firm with help from a professional SEO firm will also have consequences. Consequences on your ability to grow your business.

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